Thursday, May 19, 2005


I challenged myself to stay focused and finish 3 projects this week. I think discipline is overrated, but sometimes it comes in handy. I did cheat a teeny bit. I started the Branched Scarf from Knitty in Alchemy Silk, worked on the Heritage Rayon and Fiesta LaLuz clapotis, and I also dyed 9 skeins of bulky silk yarn that I bought on ebay. It was my first successful attempt. I gave up on Koolaid and sent for dye powder from Halcyon. I used a 34 quart enamel canning pot. Then what to do about drying? The silk becomes frowsy if handled or squeezed too much. Two old curtain rods and two patio chairs did the trick. It might rain overnight, so James set the whole thing up under the roof of the pool house. Can't wait to check it in the a.m. I promise I'll put the camera in my bathrobe pocket.. The color looked good enough to eat. I just hope the yarn is still good enough to knit.

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