Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ENE and I have reconciled

These pictures look like a perfectly innocent scarf blocking and resting peacefully. Don't let her fool you. This scarf is the devil in disguise. She thwarted me in at least 10 diffierent yarns, 4 different types of needles, and numerous cast-ons in the past 18 months. I once got to the 50% stage, only to find that I was off center way back near the beginning. Why did Ene hate me? I have no idea. I know this is crazy talk, but sometimes my desire to produce a specific project is in direct proportion to how impossible that pattern becomes.
So, how did I do it? I kind of snuck up on her this time, with no expectation of a finished scarf. I caught every mistake she threw in my way and pushed all doubts from my mind. My hands were actually shaking while knitting the last ten rows! I know, I know, "nutjob".......
But at least I'm a persistant nutjob with an Ene scarf to keep me warm this winter.