Friday, July 31, 2009


Let me count the ways
1. A veritable treasure trove knitting experiences
2. An unrivaled group of people, each one kinder, wiser, funnier, and more talented than the next
3. A long weekend away from homely cares, having my meals appear magically and just as magically whisked away, my bed made, magic towel bars that replenish themselves with fresh towels and the amazing self-cleaning room and bath
4. My annual yarn purge (without which, I would be in imminent danger of becoming the subject of an A&E Intervention episode. Seriously, how do I manage to accumulate so much yarn in a year's time? (rhetorical) We all know the answer. To date I have 10 XL Space Bags stacked and ready to go.
5. I discover all of the projects still on the needles. Some are removed, the rest will stay surfaced one last year. If at the end of the year, they are not finished, they will be cannibalized, the yarn to go to KR next year or kept for something new.
6. Seeing all of my old friends and meeting future friends. Because after all, yarn can delight you, warm you, teach you, even sooth you, but I've never met a skein that could make me laugh!


I have had so much time to notice my surrounding due to my tiny misstep in April. At first I was so angry, shocked, drugged, and weepy, that all I could do was resent the fact that I could not escape at will. Slowly this changed into frustration because I couldn't pinpoint the whereabouts of any particular item that I needed. It wasn't because I had forgotten where it was, rather it was impossible to map out exactly where things were, in the myriad piles of crap very important possessions.
I became resolved to take control of the space that other family members laid claim to 10 years ago when we bought this house. These family members, who shall remain nameless have been absentee tenants and perfectly good space is being used as Warehouse 13, or Area 51. There's a lot of unidentifiable crap taking up ROOMS, not closets, not corners, but ROOMS.
I haven't yet decided how to resolve the entire dilemma, but I am laying claim to the designated guest room, which will no longer be the guest room, but Rosi's aka Mom's Yarn/Knitting/Sewing Room. It is the smallest room in the house and has only one window which gets precious little natural light, but when I get done with it, it will serve my purpose and maybe, just maybe house a guest in a pinch.