Friday, March 07, 2008


Living in the heart of PA Dutch country, lots of silly half German words and nonsensical sayings written on tourist kitsch, creep into your every day vocabulary. Lately I keep thinking of the cartoon depicting a farm wife with a very large backside saying "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get". When I first moved here 30 plus years ago, I didn't get the joke either. First I was too young, second I didn't know about the curious "Deutsche/English" grammar that life long residents sneak into everyday conversation.
There are days when time seems to hang luxuriously all around you and the possibilities of completing tasks, small and large are a pleasure. But
thereareothertimeswhentimeseemstoracefasterandfasterandeventhoughyoutrytokeepup, (sigh
) y o u s e e m t o g o s l o w e r a n d s l o w e r .

It's good to be busy, but I dislike it when I'm busy and out of sync. My mother always blamed these
anomalies on the changes of season. I think she may be right.
Tonight I start my 40 hour training to work with Domestic Violence Services. It is something I did long ago when my children were babies and I always said I wanted to volunteer again when I had more time. Since time seems to be racing past me these days, I'd better not wait for "time".
So tonight, I start a new adventure in hopes that I can at least serve as a warm body, so that others with experience can do the very important work that happens every day in every town in this country. Would that it were not so.
Oh, and I am hoping to start a knitting class for the clients! Great way to reduce the stash, dontcha think?