Monday, May 16, 2005


In answer to a request for pics and stats of my obsession, just go to archives. I have posted pics of the first 4. The Clapoti KAL link will take you to the yahoo group where all of the particulars for these 4 can be found in their database under rosi. I have 3 more on the needles and one more completed. I'll get some pics up soon of the new ones. Here are the particulars.

#5 is Noro Lily in dark blue done on size 8 addi turbos - finished
#6 is Schaefer Laurel in Frida Kahlo colorway on size 8 addi's - 25% completed
#7 is Fiesta La Luz in Bluebonnet on size 6 denise (the most luxurious yarn in the world) - 50% completed
#8 is Heritage 20/80 silk and rayon in Atlantic Moonglow on size 6 denise (I'm going to double the increases and the add to the straight section as well. This may well be my favorite when it is done, which could be sometime in 2010! - 10% completed.

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