Thursday, June 02, 2005


I have finally had enough. My knee is no longer a useful part of my body! On June 20th, out with the old and in with the new. I can't think about it too much or I'll run?/hobble away. My knitting is progressing, but precious little else.
FOs: Noro Lily Clapotis - given to my mother upon her arrival to help maintain household while I go under the chopping block.
Fiesta La Luz Blue Bonnet Clapotis - birthday gift for daughter-in-law of good friend
Knitty's Cosy in Madil Silky - given to youngest daughter last weekend on quick visit home.

OTN: Lorna's Lace Lion and Lamb in Black Purl Clapotis
Lorna's Lace Lion and Lamb Red Clapotis
Cascade Fixation, in various Greens Baby Sweater with side neck "elvis buttons" Don't ask!
Kitty's Cosy in Home Dyed Heavy Silk

I'm afraid I have been giving things away before I can take pics. Ah well, there's always more yarn and more patterns. I have to say that I had forgotten how lovely the Lorna's Lace is. I it a joy to be working with it again. Since I am less than nimble, I keep one clapotis project upstairs and one downstairs. I divide the others around the house. Two others that I started have been put away and I'll rethink the yarn use later.
Currently my favorite yarn is silk, whether it's from china and home dyed, Fiesta La luz,
Alchemy, or Art Yarns. It has no equal for softness and sheen. It has very little structure, so it's only suitable for a limited number of projects. Enough, back to the needles.

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