Friday, May 15, 2009


The CT scan is actually much more clear, but this will have to do for now. It's really self explanatory, after reading my description of its current state. J tells me that the x-ray taken at the hospital had the broken piece of bone floating above the surface but it was correctly aligned. This is why we are able to conclude that "reducing" the dislocation is what caused the pitiful misalignment. The other things shown by the CT Scan are the many bone shards hovering around the break. They're waiting for reabsorbtion. Sounds like something on the Sci Fi channel, or Star Trek. You know, like the Borg ship reabsorbing and assimilating lost members.

So what does all of this add up to? In the immediate sense, I am now a prisoner of this grotesque injury, commanded to keep it perfectly immobile for 3-4 weeks. Physical therapy will then attempt to rehabilitate the shoulder. This involves passive movement only for an additional 3-4 weeks. If all of the above comes to naught, my shoulder will be reassessed. In the mean time I can no longer be a physical participant in my own life.

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TGL said...

Good Lord, Rosi! When you go down, you go down big. I am so sorry to hear of your injury. I hope you have lots of people around to wait on you and bring you snacks and fan you with big ostrich feather fans. Sending healing wishes and big (yet very gentle) hugs to you.

rho said...

oh sweetie - the only difference between our shoulder is mine was my right side and just under the bump I broke it straight across too --

just looking at your xray made mine hurt in sympathy.

btw I had one of those "calm down" twits too with my arm - his is a junior fireman in my husband company - and apparently thought my "Ow Ow Ow -- Sorry Sorry Sorry" meant I wasn't calm -- if he only knew what was going on in my brain LOL he would have realized just how calm I was :D

Lanea said...

Holy crap, why are some orthopods such absolute sadists? Seriously--I had a similarly cruel, incompetent one when my shoulder kept separating, and I wanted to throttle him. Maybe yours wouldn't come in to see you because he knew he deserved a good neck-wringing. Just jam the broken bone back in place--sure. Let's do it to you first, pal, and see how you like it.

I'm so sorry, Rosi. I know how painful and frustrating shoulder injuries are. You are in my thoughts.

Martha said...

Sweet Rosi,

Am just back to blog reading & have read your posts.

Dear Gawd & holy crap, the idea of "how painful this must have been for you!" does not come close to doing justice for what you have gone through. Sending you tho'ts of comfort & healing & love.


Mean Mama said...

Mother. Of. Pearl.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending you the best wishes I can come up with, as you cope with this enforced period of "confinement"

Get better!

Anonymous said...

best wishes from overhere