Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cable -Down Raglan KAL

I have been searching and searching for a sweater to knit for myself. I've started at least 5 patterns and even finished the knitting on one. (a huge mohairy mess that sits forlornly, unloved, and unassembled) I haven't wanted to risk buying enough new yarn for a sweater given this track record. This past week, I decided that I had given short shrift to the new Interweave Knits. Instead of flipping each page and saying: "That's pretty, but not for my body", I tried to look at the pictures with more than my usual jaded attitude. The result is that I've started the Cable-Down Raglan. So with fingers and toes crossed, I joined the KAL and after 3 false starts, I have lift off.
I don't usually take pictures until a thing is finished, but I am determined to keep a picture diary of this one.

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