Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Elements

I wanted to briefly explain the new box on the right of my page. For those of you not familiar with technorati, it's a tool to tag your favorite blogs and receive news directly, placed in the little box. If you're interested in the list of blogs in my technorati favorites, just click on "view more", then click on the "favorite blog" tab at the top of my list on the technorati page. I'm finding it a useful tool to keep up with new posts on my favorite blogs without using a feed or my mailbox.
I also finally joined a web ring. Don't know why I suddenly thought this was a good idea. My blog is tres ordinaire, but it's kind of nice to know that some people find it interesting and even helpful. My strengths are really about what and where to find good stuff on the net. So, I'll continue to build my links as I go through my bookmarks and share new info as I stumble on it.
I'm currently working on a lace scarf with Colourmart cashmere/merino. It's an easy 10 row repeat with picot cast on and cast off. I stumbled on it in an accessory book I haven't looked at in over a year. Funny how old books suddenly offer new opportunities, after a year of honing new skills.

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rho said...

I have to remember to come back and check out technorati - as usual I am trying to do 3 things at once - and run to the store early enough to get home unload stuff and make it to Knitting Circle -- you would think retirement would be calmer wouldn't you LOL

well today it too 3 tries because the word verification didn't show a word to verify for the first 2 hehe