Wednesday, December 14, 2005


From left to right: 6ft. long swirly scarf -Linie 102 Allegro,
4ft. long slip stitch scarf with fringe - K1C2 Tartelette, 4ft. + cabled scarf - Hand Maiden 12ply cashmere
Frogged the cashmere scarf. I actually unwrapped it because the more I thought about it, the more I detested it. I am half way through reknitting it. I'm using the boyfriend scarf pattern from Last Minute Gifts. Much nicer and much more appropriate for the yarn. edited 12/21/05

I can say truthfully that I am now officially working on non-holiday items.
Aran Sweater
Ribbed Turtleneck
Shrug/Bolero Sweater
Finish Black Purl Clapotis
Winter Scarf for James (a specific request)
Junior Bolero Sweater from Debbie Bliss

All previously mentioned items not done and not listed above, will officially be moved to pre-frog status.
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