Wednesday, December 07, 2005


This hat was done in about 4 hours. After speaking with my sister about a hat that my niece coveted, I feverishly created this pattern with the help of a few pics on the web. It is Knit on size 10 addis 16" and birch double pointed. Again, I used bits and pieces of Misti Alpaca, Malabrigo, Lorna's Lion and Lamb, and MCY silk/merino. I couldn't be more pleased. The final judge will be my adorable niece, Miss Ali. Have to wait for Christmas.

Almost done with my pared down Christmas list. Some things were moved to Birthday list. Having trouble with my hands and certain types of knitting. The Aran Sweater has become quite a challenge. My hands go numb after 10 rows or so. Thanks to a tip about WendyKnits, I've started using the "no cable needle" cable method. Not sure whether that helps with my hands, but it certainly helps with speed. I used to spend half my time losing and looking for the cable needle. Posted by Picasa


AmyS said...

Great hat! I think you did a fabulous job and your niece will love it.

Marianne said...

Hi sis, This is such a cool thing!!! the hat is fantastic I feel like I'm cheating. Alison is going to love it. Love and kisses, Marianne