Tuesday, February 03, 2009


If you're like me, you have tons of ideas and lots of ufos, not to mention stash galore. There are also times when you purchase yarn, let it sit for a few weeks, then immediately forget what you wanted to do with it. Most of my yarn purchases are made with a pattern, or at least an idea in mind and I keep promising myself that I am going to keep a notebook of yarns purchased and the pattern behind the purchase. Never happens. However, there are always those yarns that sit either outside the main stash or on top where you can snatch them quickly to knit a gauge swatch when you find THE pattern that deserves this glorious yarn. You bought this yarn because you couldn't resist it. It sang a siren song so enticing that nothing else would satisfy. Such is the case with my KR Retreat purchase of String Theory Yarn. I'm warning you this yarn is love at first touch and colors so rich that you can get lost gazing into the skein.

I think I've finally found the pattern for my Black Tulip Worsted Silk Merino. Don't expect to be wowed by the pattern, although it is indeed a lovely pattern. I love this yarn so much that I've been searching for exactly the right pattern, that will fit and might even flatter if knit to the correct measurements.(don't want the ribbing to be snug enough to spread) You see I want this to be a sweater that I can wear every day if I so desire and I know I will "so desire", but also wear with a dressy black T-neck and slacks out to dinner. You see this yarn is so rich in color and luxurious in feel and sheen, that I believe it will imbue the sweater with mystical properties.
Ok, maybe I go too far, but anyone who loves fiber and color and dreams of that perfect pairing of utility and beauty made with your own hands, knows whereof I speak.
Now if only I could discipline myself to finish the sleeve of my nephew's sweater and make progress on the 3 projects that have deadlines, not to mention make some progress on Jamie's sweater, I could begin this "might be the one" sweater. Would that these were the only problems in everyone's life, but I'm going to enjoy this calm period while it lasts.

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Jane said...

Deadlines, schmeadlines. That's what I say!