Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Secret of the One-Skein Shawl

This summer has had lots of dramatic episodes, some welcome, some definitely not welcome. My knitting has been constant but my concentration has been less than adequate. What to do? I put all of my beautiful complicated lace in progress away. I went to Knitter's Review and made a copy of Clara's One-Skein Shawl pattern. I pulled out single skeins of yarn that I adore. Some I combined, some I used solo. Some I knit exactly as the pattern read, some I added twists, ribs and holes. For some, I had a specific person in mind, others I just knit without knowing who will wear it.
This has been one of the most delightful knitting interludes. Here are my little "glories". Oh, you will see one ringer among them. See if you can spot the impostor.


Jane said...

I see a Diamonds and Pearls in there! They are all just lovely!

Mary said...

What Jane said!

They're all so pretty. It gives me the idea to do the same.

rho said...

can I just say WOW!

CPAKnit said...

They are beautiful, I just saw you posted them on Ravelry, too. It makes me feel better to know that sometimes even you can't deal with the difficult lace patterns.