Sunday, July 06, 2008


I lost my emotional footing once during the past week, described in the above post. I was able to attribute it directly to a complete lack of knitting that day. I'm perfectly serious. Now that I no longer smoke and try not to use food as a panacea, I truly need my knitting.
Although I have no photos to prove it, I have actually accomplished not a little knitting in the past two months. I also had the opportunity to venture outside my knitting comfort zone while attending Knitter's Connection in Columbus, Ohio last month. More about that later.

I have also started teaching knitting to young and old alike. My new volunteer career has offered me lots of opportunity to share my love of knitting. My students range in age from 7 to 67 and from English speaking to Spanish speaking. I do believe my students have taught me more that I have taught them. The women and children I have the privilege to know in this setting, are brave, resilient, determined, funny, talented, smart, beautiful, and strong. I am officially Miss Rosi when I'm there. That took some getting used to, but I've grown to love the sounds of the voices, no matter what they call me.

Next time: my adventures in Columbus and list of finished projects

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