Sunday, January 27, 2008


Virginia Woolf may have wished for an entire room of her own, but I've decided that even though that is my desire, I don't want to wait any longer. Our home consists of 6 down and five up and a fully finished third story. The basement is out of the question......did I say it's a realllly old house? You have to have an exoskeleton and have six to eight legs to live in our basement. I know I've whined about this before, so I'm not going explain why none of this space is available for my exclusive use. Instead I'm going to post pictures of my newly cobbled nook which measures a little less than 3 feet square. Most of my stash is in plastic tubs in the attic, stacked 5 deep so it takes up a very small space. I had to get rid of some clothing so that I can I have the luxury of having close access to my immediate stash in the armoire right next to my nook. Do I have to count that as part of my nook? I think not; I just recycled a space that was already mine to use, before anyone else could claim it.
This stash business is tricky when you have other family members with far more "serious" collections and avocations (god forbid I should use the word hobby for what they do in their leirious time (combination of leisure and serious). ba dum bum!


Jane said...

Everything you need within easy reach, and a comfy chair too -- perfect!

Bess said...

Yes! a Nook! Sometimes that can be just enough.

As for other people's (ahem) avocations and their importance on the scale of things .... heh ... I have a cartoon about that on my blog today.

Elysbeth said...

Well yes, sometimes it's hard to appreciate the finer points of other peoples obsessions. Or how someone can be cursing and hurling things, then when you suggest stopping they say "It's fine, I love it."

Glad you carved out a nook.