Monday, November 26, 2007

Knitting and Knitting and Knitting and Knitting and Kn....

It has been a busy month and one to remember.
I went to my second KR Retreat and loved every minute of it. I underwent surgery one day after returning from the retreat and found out that a dangerous appearing growth was nothing more than a harmless blob in disguise.
I quit smoking 2 weeks ago. I am officially a non-smoker. These are words I thought I would never say. J quit smoking today.
My daughters cooked Thanksgiving dinner together for the first time and excelled. I am a lucky girl. I would dearly love to write further on all of these topics, but I have literally lost two weeks because of the surgery and I'm trying to play gentle catch-up, instead of my usual frantic race to exhaustion. So instead, I will tell the tail in pictures, bad pictures, but pictures non the less.

KR Retreat 2007


Jane said...

Hey sweetheart -- I'm happy to read you again, and so glad to have been able to spend time with you at the Retreat!

Dawn said...

Hi Rosi! I'm so glad you're back to posting! I read the posts on KR and was happy to hear all is well. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to wish you well before you left the retreat. I always enjoy your engery and baking skills! Congratulations on no-smoking! You make me jealous.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks, woohoo. Rock on, Rosi--I'm thrilled for you!