Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Bits

I'm improving my technical blogging skills. Improvement, in my case, means I have graduated to pre-novice. I managed to combine some of the buttons with the links on the right, making sure to host the buttons on my own sites, of course.
Socks are now my focus. The navy pair in STR have grown and grown and are now only suitable for a Yeti. I think the needles I used were too large. I'm using some ShiBui sock yarn in a camel almost solid color to make another pair for J. I've started the heel flap on the second of Jane's Hedgerow sock pattern. There's something about the amethyst colorway from Fleece Artist that makes me thirsty for grape soda or a grape lifesavor.
I have finished the knitting for my all over cabled cardigan. Now to assemble it (yuk) and pick up a zillion stitches to knit the border around the entire edge of the sweater. This part will probably take me longer than the actual knitting.
Looking forward to my second KR Retreat in November and my trip to New Mexico in October. The Retreat will be a no-excuse time to knit, talk, buy fiber, yarn, tools and re-aquaint myself with some of the kindest, most talented, not to mention wacky knitters on the planet AND to meet some new fiber fanatics. Thank you Miss Clara. My trip to New Mexico is a belated birthday gift to a close friend for her milestone birthday this year. That's right folks, Lin turned 21. That IS how old you are Lin, isn't it? Neither one of us has ever been to the SW of the country. Believe me, it was hard to find an area other than maybe East Chicken Jesus, that Lin had not been. And just think, Lin will be able to have a cocktail. Funny that, I seem to remember her ordering cocktails before this birthday. Hmmmmm.
Hope to have pics of socks very soon. What else? I'm such a cliche.


Joan said...

What a nice trip you have planned. I lived in Arizona for almost 3 years and it's beautiful country in the SW. I know you'll have a good time.

Jane said...

I can't wait to see you in November!

And wait a minute...if Linn has a cocktail, who'll drive? You're not old enough yet. ;)

rho said...

ditto what Jane said - New Mexico - what fun!

Hubster and I are thinking about a trip thru Penn. in October ... maybe...

CPAKnit said...

Can't wait for the Retreat!