Sunday, August 19, 2007


So, here it is, the much discussed wing and all. I'm frustrated with the pictures, but they'll have to do. There is really not a good place to photograph my finished work. I may explore the attic. The straight edges need a bit of steaming, but on the whole, I am pleased. This is the first time I've done lace with 2/18 Zephyr. I think when I use it again, I will go down in needle size. This was done on my #4 Options and I must tend to knit looser with this needle. The finished size is 22" x 84", which I think is larger than it was meant to be. The beads are almost a non-issue, except that they add weight and help the drape. I wish I had done it in a darker color. I saw lots of color and love the jewel tones and some of the tone on tones. I have to say I really dislike the variegated stoles. They just look so BUSY.
I think this will be my last Mystery KAL. There are so many beautiful shawls and stoles out there and I have purchased most of the patterns. I think I'll concentrate on what I know I will love. I've been working on Sarcelle in lace weight seacell in sangria colorway and the Waves in Squares or some such name by Sivia Harding in Lisa Souza BFL in poiple. No, that's not a typo.

I'm also working on my first socks. Yes, that's right socks. At the request of my husband, I've decided to learn how to knit what I said I would never, ever knit.


CPAKnit said...

Rosi - Once again you are going to show up at the retreat with many beautiful lace shawls for show and tell. You are amazing. (PS - I left a PM on KR for you regarding the retreat

Jane said...

Well, it sure is beautiful! But I'm more interested in the socks.

Knitman said...

Even though shawls do not suit me, I find them beautiful just the same. Fantastic work.