Wednesday, July 04, 2007


What do you think? Here are the clues for the theme so far. It will only work exactly if the stole is knit in white, off-white, black, or charcoal. The only other hint we have is that it probably wouldn't be appropriate for bridal wear and it's not Harry Potter related.
If you look at Melanie's other designs, I'm pretty sure the theme isn't too dark. Could it be.......
sheep??? I'm stumped. I occasionally ask myself why in the world I would be knitting something when I have no idea what it will look like, or even what shape it will be. I don't have an answer, because I could just as easily belong to the group and save the clues until I was sure I liked the pattern. It seems extremely odd, but I guess 5,000 plus knitters from heaven knows how many countries can't all be nuts, can they? Oh, and as you can see, I decided to go with an entirely different yarn and color. I'm using 50/50 cashmere and silk 2 ply on #6 addi lace needles. One more thing; this is a stole, not a shawl, so it has to be somewhat rectangular! Will it be on the bias, will it change direction? I'll keep you posted.

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Jane said...

It's gorgeous! I've wondered the same thing about myself -- would I be too impatient?