Thursday, June 14, 2007


Since I last Posted:

I lost a dear friend to lung cancer.
I made a quick trip to Florida for my nephew's HS graduation.
My mother fell in the grocery store and re-injured her dislocated shoulder.
I attended a week long knitting extravaganza in Columbus, Ohio, sponsored by Knitter's Connection.
I re-connected with one of my first cousins on the way to Columbus.
I've missed 3 very important birthdays.
My face became the host for a nasty abscess, starting in a previously root canaled tooth.
I'm in an antibiotic, pain reliever, avoid all mirrors at any cost mode.
Today is my birthday.
I started an Orenburg shawl, finished the knitting on my cable cardigan, finished a
Moebius lace cowl, and started another. I have a pinwheel baby blanket and baby sweater on the needles as well. (the cowl, blanket and sweater all mindless knitting) Just the thing for an "abscess head".
In reference to the classes that my mother and I took at the Knitter's Connection classes;
I learned that I adore Cat Bordhi and
Galina Khmeleva
I learned to knit and purl backwards
I learned to do the
Moebius cast on without thinking or looking
I learned the crochet cast on.....finally
I learned that I must knit an Orenburg Shawl
I learned so much about the fiber and knitting history of Russia

Conclusion: Life is this very moment. I may never get another, so I better make it count.

My sister and family arrive and we are all going to frolic here for a couple of days, then off to NYC en masse to include our terribly sophisticated offspring in an early family celebration of Mom/Grandma's 80th year.

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Jane said...

Feel better soon, then keep breathing. And you are a very wise woman.