Saturday, November 04, 2006


Oldest Daughter and I left for "Charm City" on Thursday afternoon so that we could be at the Baltimore Convention Center bright and early. It was a short brrrrisk walk from our hotel. I've been to Baltimore innumerable times in my life, but never to the convention center. It is enormous.
We were among the first 50 or so in line, through the doors into a zigzag roped area inside the market. Until the morning class let out, we felt like the we were the only ones there. Two hours was plenty of time to do and see everything that was of interest to us. I know that sounds like blasphemy. Honestly, the various yarn stores that set up at these things, all start to look alike. It would be different if most of them weren't available on the net.
Our first stop was Lisa Souza. I couldn't believe that she came all the way from California. She has wonderful stuff and she's a hoot. It was great to see all of her hand dyed yarns in person. She had some sinfully lush handspun cashmere in beautiful jewel colors. I also succumbed to some kid mohair and silk in a rich garnet color. After this we wandered leisurely through all of the aisles and bought a few other skeins of fun stuff with holiday gifts in mind. We stopped at Caps to the Capitol sponsored by Save the Children to drop off our baby caps. They had tables set up with yarn and needles so that people could take a knitting break and start or finish a cap. By the time we left, there were quite a few women knitting and chatting. What a great idea. If we were free to stay for the afternoon, I could have happily knit another cap.
So, two hours and out! I'm not much of a browser. I have limited shopping tolerance, so this was perfect. I do wish that I had registered early for a class, but I'm looking forward to my class experience at the KR retreat next weekend. It will be the first knitting class I've ever taken. I'm looking forward to the retreat, but I'm also a little nervous. I haven't roomed with a stranger since college.
Pics of my yarn goodies to follow.

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