Friday, October 06, 2006


Susan Manning on Knitlist has offered to send some of her excess stash to knitters in need of a little extra. I left a message on her live journal offering to augment her generosity. Just leave your email address with your comment. No need to justify your need. I'll contact you for yarn destination. Thanks Susan for setting such a wonderful example.


~Linda in Virginia said...

Here's my comment!
Thank you for being generous.
Now I need to go check out the rest of your blog!
lindaw {at} vt {dot} edu

Kenyetta said...

When I am in a better position financially, I will follow both of your leads.
Bless you.

Lizardknits said...

I got here from Susan's site! I'm out of mostly wool sock yarn leftovers. I'm making an afghan and "it's only just begun!" There's a picture on my blog. . The Sept 9th entry. I only need 20 yards for a square.

Many thanks!


knitfix said...

Thanks for your generosity, link and comment. I am getting a lot of requests for free yarn. We may have a hard time selecting the winners. I will look for more free yarn to give away.

Just goes to proove that knitters are amazing people.

And, your blog is great. You are an amazing knitter! I love the Irish sweater. It would take me a lifetime to complete one.

rosi said...

Susan,Elizabeth,Kenyetta, & Linda,
Please feel free to refer anyone to this site and I'll do what I can. I have some assorted Koigu going out to Elizabeth today.

rosi said...

Dropped off three boxes at the p.o. yesterday. Elizabeth, Linda and Angelika should be receiving boxes soon. Haven't heard from Kenyetta yet. Happy anticipation.