Monday, September 11, 2006


This is the result of discipline. This sweater has been hanging around since the fall of 2005. I just wasn't able to get the pattern programmed into my brain. I stashed it away for months at a time and discovered lace knitting during that time. A close friend started her second Aran sweater a couple of weeks ago. I decided to pull this guilt whispering project out of it's bag. The most amazing thing happened. I no longer needed the pattern! My lace knitting had not only disciplined my brain but it actually sharpened my ability to "read" my knitting. I also kept myself from touching, starting, or looking at any of my lace knitting. Sometimes my hands ached. I'm not sure whether this was psychosymatic or physical. THE ARAN IS OFF MY BACK! My sister and brother-in-law are coming this weekend and this big bad boy is going home with them.
From now on, if I get the desire to knit for someone, I'm NOT going to TELL. I hate deadlines of any kind, but especially knitting deadlines. This beauty took me a year of guilt and exactly ten days of actual knitting. I will always remember it fondly because of what it taught me.
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