Thursday, November 17, 2005


Believe it or not, I have finished a few things. That's the good thing. Most of what I've finished has nothing to do with the projects listed above as OTN. This is the bad thing.

Boyfriend Scarf - Last Minute Gifts - Camel Colored Cashmere purchased from Ebay
3 Winter Hats - Designed as I knit - 1 Cashmere, 1 Malabrigo, 1 Koigu KPM
1 Large Tote Bag - Designed as I went along, felted - used up bits and pieces of leftover Galway
1 Cabled Clutch - My version of the now famous purse seen everywhere - This was an OTN!!!
6 Ruffled Scarves - Various yarns including 3 strands Kid Silk Mohair
2 Amelia Earhart Hats - one with added chin strap - Malabrigo
Man's Winter Skull Cap - Alpaca

Aran Sweater - 6"
Bolero/Shoulder Shrug - Editors' Patterns from Interweave Knits Summer 2005 - 95%(have sew side seams and block)
Cabled Clutch - Second version of above- Home Dyed bulky Red Silk - 100%
Clapotis - Lion and Lamb - Black Purl - 70%
Clapotis - MCY Silk - 80%
Mixed Cable Scarf - Classic Elite Posh - Medium Celery Green - 25%
Dropped Loop Scarf - Royal silk - 80%
Lacey Ribbed Scarf - Ultra Merino - 10% (frogged)

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As you can see, my list from last post has changed. Definitely ADD at work here. I'm trying to stay with the projects listed under Progress. There are three other projects I want to start and finish for the Holidays. Just have to wait and see. My new mantra is: "People have birthdays".
I'm not promising pictures, but I have every intention of taking some of a few of the finished items. Of course quite a few of them have already left my hands and are on the heads, around the necks, etc. of the people I love.

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