Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Too Much

I seem to have so many projects on the needles all over the house, that I'm not finishing anything. What's worse, I can't seem to stop looking at new yarn. To solve this madness, I made a list of the projects and now I have forbidden myself to touch any, but the 3 that are closest to being finished.

Number 1: Little tank top knit with Cascade Fixation, for my favorite little red head. 100% 5/13
Number 2: Clapoti #6 knit with Noro Lily 100% 5/17
Number 3: Cozy, lacy shawl pattern from Knitty site, knit with Madil Silky. 100%
I need to apologize to Bonnie for not getting to the recipes I promised. There's just too much yarn and too many things I want to knit. I'm going to schedule my knee replacement this week. Maybe I'll have more time while convalescing. Ok, time to stop typing and start knitting.

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